When planning and designing an indoor swimming pool for the home, there are several important factors to consider so that users can enjoy the facility properly. Homeowners often focus on the pool itself, ensuring, for example, that the water is maintained at an optimum temperature or that the correct balance of chemicals is used. While this is necessary for the pool to be usable all-year-round, it’s vital not to neglect the entire immersive experience, when swimmers are both in and out of the water.

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Swimming pools generate a large volume of humid air which, unless controlled and removed, can be unpleasant for swimmers and may cause significant damage to the internal structure of the building in the form of condensation and damp. Traditional methods of removing humidity from a building, such as infusing it with heated fresh air, or using dehumidifier units, require a continuous consumption of energy which, in the current climate, impose significant costs on the homeowner.


How a Calorex Air Handling Unit Could Improve The Pool Experience and Save Money

For a pleasant indoor home swimming pool experience, it’s necessary to heat the water to an appropriate temperature and dehumidify and warm the air in the pool room. While this can be achieved with three independent units, a Calorex air handling unit can perform all three tasks, providing a more efficient and cost-effective way to create the optimum ambience for your home pool.


So How Does an Air Handling Unit Work?

Designed to control air, water temperature and humidity for indoor swimming pools, an air handling unit is perfect where there is limited space for more complex or bulky equipment, and can be used with underground or overhead ducting via the top or bottom outlets.

Heat in the pool room is extracted during dehumidification and redirected in measured quantities back into the air or in the water, thereby making the system incredibly economical. A Calorex air handling unit, as an integrated system, offers complete air and water temperature and humidity control for homeowners, featuring:

  • Digital air and pool water temperature settings
  • Analogue humidity setting
  • Indicator lights for: power on, dehumidification, defrost, air heating, and water heating
  • Fresh air options
  • Fully insulated cabinet

The air handling unit simply needs a connection to the mains electricity and a low pressure boiler to operate effectively.


The Benefits of a Calorex Air Handling Unit

By incorporating a Calorex air handling unit into your home swimming pool design, you can benefit from:

  • Lower equipment and installation costs, as one unit is all that is required to control water and air temperature, and humidity.
  • Lower energy bills, as recovered warm air is recirculated to heat the pool water and the ambient environment.
  • More precise control over water and air temperature, and humidity, for optimal comfort in and out of the pool.
  • Compact equipment that doesn’t require large amounts of space.
  • Total control over every aspect of your swimming pool and pool room conditions.
  • Lower maintenance costs, as equipment is concentrated into a single, compact system.


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At JB Elite, we specialise in the planning and installation of home swimming pools and will tailor our designs to meet your unique needs. As part of the design process, we can select the most suitable Calorex air handling unit for your pool room, to deliver unbeatable cost-savings and efficiency. To find out more, please get in touch with JB Elite on  01299 532007.

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