Pure Performance

Caldera spas are thoughtfully designed to provide years of carefree performance, even with frequent use, for those seeking daily renewal. And you can relax knowing our revolutionary FiberCor™ insulation material helps maintain the water temperature—it’s an energy-efficient innovation available only from Watkins Manufacturing, the makers of Caldera Spas. Finally, to ensure dependability, we use the highest-quality components and durable, reinforced acrylic interior surfaces so we can offer you some of the most comprehensive warranties on the market.


With its exclusive and highly efficient EnergyPro™circulation pump, your Caldera spa is always hot and ready to use while meeting the most stringent energy efficiency standards established for portable spas. The system operates at very low wattage to filter water and actually reduces heater use since 80% of the energy used to operate it is transferred to the water as heat.




We know you don’t want to handle messy water chemicals so we offer a simple water care system called the FROG™ as a standard feature on all Caldera Spas. Enjoy sparkling clear spa water every time you dip into your Caldera hot tub.


Utopia Series models feature the exclusive multi-lingual Advent LCD control, an advanced LCD panel with a colour display. With intuitive operation, you’ll easily control jets, multi-zone lighting and the integrated wireless sound system (optional) with the touch of a button.


Along with full-foam insulation, a Caldera cover provides a tight custom seal to reduce energy use. Made of a durable, marine grade-vinyl, it features child-resistant safety locks and conforms