Keeping your swimming pool clean is essential; not only will doing so keep it looking in pristine condition, but it will also help to preserve it. A well-maintained pool will have a longer life and is much less likely to need expensive repairs. Taking care of your pool doesn’t need to be hard – here are a few simple steps that will help keep your pool in great condition.

Home swimming pool maintenance & safety guide

1) Shock Your Pool Regularly

Chlorine should always be present in your pool water – but for continued cleanliness, every week or two it’s a good idea to add a much higher level, say around four times the normal. You may also want to shock the pool after a storm or a big party, since these can affect chlorine levels. It’s best to do the shocking at night, especially since you’ll likely have to wait around eight hours before the water is ready to swim in again. Shocking the pool or super chlorinating it as it can also be known as helps to destroy chorine within your pool that has attached itself to paticles that it has attacked (combined chlorine).

2) Use Your Brush And Net

You clean your teeth every day to keep your mouth healthy. Keeping your swimming pool healthy is pretty similar. Get hold of a suitable pool net and skim over the pool’s surface to ensure that debris like twigs and leaves are picked up. Some people do this twice a week, but ideally you should skim daily. While you’re doing that, take a good nylon pool brush and run it over surfaces like steps and walls.

3) Pool Pumps And Filters

These work in harmony to keep your swimming pool water clear. Water passes through the pump basket to the pump, where a kind of fan called an impeller pushes it through the filter. The pump basket removes large debris like leaves, then sends that water to the filter where the fine smaller particles are removed. The key feature is the swimming pool pump motor, since if that’s not working correctly, water won’t be moved around the system and your pool water won’t be cleaned effectively.

4) Pool Chemistry

There’s no big secret to maintaining the right chemistry for your pool water. Just don’t let things slip, and don’t start panicking and throwing random chemicals in there left, right and centre. The main thing you’ll need is a good water testing kit; this will let you keep an eye on pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels, avoiding you wasting time and money putting things right later.

When To Call In The Professionals

Regular maintenance of your pool is straightforward, especially if you follow the tips above. You’ll have a cleaner, more attractive pool that’s also likely to last longer. That said, there are times when calling in a pool service professional is a good idea – when something goes wrong that you can’t easily fix yourself. If you notice a crack in the pool or the pool is losing water, then call a professional to come and take a look. You’ll be glad you did.

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Home swimming pool maintenance and safety guide

Image source: Pixabay