To get the most out of a pool, it has to be cleaned and maintained to a high level. Opting for a DIY approach can cover the daily basics, but to avoid costly headaches and temporary closure of the pool, a professional service is often the most effective solution. Here’s everything you need to know!

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What’s Meant By Swimming Pool Maintenance?

Home swimming pool maintenance refers to a combination of processes designed to keep water safe and sparkling. Water quality depends on keeping the pool chemistry in balance, as well as making sure that critical components, such as your filters, are in optimal working order. This needs to be combined with a cleaning regime that rids the water of bacteria and algae.


How Does Swimming Pool Maintenance Work?

Whenever a pool is used, bacteria have an opportunity to enter the water. As such, water is usually treated with a mixture of chemicals that destroy pathogens before they have an opportunity to become an expensive problem. Therefore, at its basic level, maintenance requires a daily check to ensure the correct chemical balance. However, this needs to be combined with routine maintenance of mechanical parts, as when these become clogged with debris, they can become sluggish and ineffective, enabling water to become contaminated.


Why Is Swimming Pool Cleaning Important?

Warm, wet environments that are exposed to sunlight provide the perfect environment for algal growth. There are four types of algae found in swimming pools: green, yellow, red, and black. Each of these can attach themselves to the surfaces of pools where they can cause permanent discolouration and create an on-going health hazard. If algae becomes a serious problem, replacing the lining of the pool is often the only option. Therefore, deep cleaning is a vital part of swimming pool maintenance.


How Can Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services Help?

Reliable water quality requires on-going high-quality cleaning and maintenance. Doing this yourself brings the risk of a potential problem being missed, a chemical imbalance leading to skin irritations or respiratory problems, or a clean not being effective enough to kill bacteria. The results can be expensive to fix and can take pools out of action for weeks or longer.

One of the benefits of regular professional maintenance is that trained and certified technicians can identify problems before they turn into a hazard, whilst guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of the water.


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