Building a swimming pool in your garden is a dream that may have been lurking in the back of your mind for some time. Nobody jumps into a home improvement investment without investigating what’s involved, and a swimming pool is about as exciting as they come on the home improvement front.

Years of enjoyment lie ahead.

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Where Do I Start To Decide On What We Want?

When you first begin to seriously consider a swimming pool in your garden, the world is your oyster. It’s fun and exciting skimming through brochures and browsing websites. The range of styles, sizes, colors, finishes, and surroundings is immense. In fact, it can be a little off-putting without some simple guidelines. Start by reading our article on selecting a pool.

Does A Swimming Pool Need Planning Permission In The UK?

Currently planning permission is not usually needed to install an outdoor swimming pool in your garden. There are exceptions if you are living in one of these:

  • Area of outstanding natural beauty
  • Green belt
  • Listed building
  • Special conservation area

How Long Does It Take To Build A UK Swimming Pool?

Some construction methods take longer than others. For example, a one-piece pool is the fastest (2 to 4 weeks after delivery) because it’s manufactured off-site and delivered in one piece to your garden. Vinyl liner and concrete pools take longer because much of the construction work must be done on-site in your garden. Plan on 2-6 months depending on the design, the size, and our British weather.

Does A Swimming Pool Add Value To My UK Home?

Yes, an in-ground pool adds value, especially for prospective buyers who would love a pool too. Not everybody wants one and it may rule out some buyers for that reason. But people like you who may have a family, perhaps with grandchildren and family friends, would certainly prize a ready-made swimming pool in their back garden (especially if the kids see it!)

What Is The Cheapest Swimming Pool?

Above-ground free-standing pools cost the least of all, at under £6,000 for a 4m Octagonal Wooden Pool. They are great from a safety perspective too, as children and animals cannot accidentally fall in from the poolside area.

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