It’s not always an intuitive thing to do but installing a new in-ground outdoor swimming pool in winter makes perfect sense on many fronts. People don’t tend to think about pools when it’s cold and dark outside, but once summer arrives with all its warm sunshine, thoughts drift towards long hours of fun in the water.

However, by then it’s often too late to get a pool installed and working for the swimming season.

Here’s why you should act now if you’re considering investing in a home swimming pool this year:

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Everything Is Cheaper

Prices of everything drop in the off-season and swimming pool supplies are no different. Some suppliers promote winter pool installations at discounted rates, though usually just a limited number of orders. It’s worth calling around local suppliers and asking what offers are available. (Spoiler alert: call JB Elite first, you won’t be disappointed!)

There Is Less Competition And Pressure

Installations slow down over winter and that means that crews have less pressure to get your job finished quickly and move on to the next one. It means you can spend more time ensuring that everything is done as you want it. Suppliers give you a more personalized service too because they are not rushed off their feet.

Booking Early Guarantees Completion By Summer

Winter construction gives you plenty of time to put other aspects in place; things like landscaping, pool surround, patio decking, and so forth. Buying and building in winter mean your new pool is ready to go at the very start of the swimming season. That’s a very exciting prospect to look forward to, especially for children.

Landscaping Has Time To Take Root

Let’s face it, installing a swimming pool can temporarily mess up parts of your garden. It’s an inevitable consequence of any type of construction work. Treat it as an opportunity to re-landscape so as to enhance your new swimming pool and rejuvenate tired areas of your garden. Planning the new look is an exciting project of its own and all new growth will have taken hold by the start of the swimming season.

Your Pool Is Winterized Immediately

The process of preparing a pool for the winter season is called “winterizing”. That includes making sure it is properly covered and that pipes are properly insulated. Installers ensure that your part-finished pool will not suffer any damage from icy weather conditions.

Find Out More About Owning A Pool

Swimming pool maintenance is not an onerous task. However, it’s good to know what’s involved and what tasks need to be scheduled.

Download our Home Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Guide and see how a pool owner keeps everything in perfect condition.

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Image source: Unsplash