Calorex Air Handling Units


Calorex air handling units (AHUs)  are a popular option for ventilation and dehumidification in swimming pools. These gadgets are made to make swimming pool environments more comfortable for swimmers and less likely to sustain damage to the pool and its surroundings by regulating the humidity and temperature of the air there. The characteristics and advantages of Calorex air handling equipment will be covered in this blog post.


The capability of Calorex air handling devices to regulate humidity is one of their key characteristics. These units have dehumidifiers that can remove extra moisture from the air, which can assist to stop the growth of mould and mildew and maintain a comfortable environment around the pool.


The capability of Calorex air handling devices to regulate temperature is another crucial characteristic. Heat exchangers built into these units allow heat to be transferred from the air outside the pool area to the air inside the pool area. Even in cold weather, this can aid in keeping the pool area warm.


Moreover, Calorex air handling units come with air filters that support the maintenance of clean, pollutant-free air around the pool. This may aid in enhancing the air quality and enhancing the swimming pool area.


The energy efficiency of Calorex air handling devices is another advantage. They have heat exchangers and high-efficiency motors that can assist cut down on energy use and operating expenses.


Air handling systems made by Calorex are very simple to install and maintain. They can be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance, and they are made to be integrated into current ventilation systems. Calorex also provides a wide selection of models, sizes, and features to suit every demand and price range.