Without a reliable cleaning service, you cannot own a swimming pool. However, with a variety of options available, it can be challenging to decide which is best for you. Here is some advice about choosing the best swimming pool cleaning company:

Research Different Companies Before Choosing One 

Every swimming pool cleaning business is different and has its advantages and disadvantages. Read online reviews, ask friends and family for recommendations, or simply browse a few companies’ websites to get an idea of the services they provide as part of the research process.

The main thing is to ensure that you find a company that works for you and suits your needs and requirements!

Ask For References 

When asked, a reliable pool cleaning business should have no trouble offering references from prior or current clients. You can get an understanding of what to anticipate by speaking with these clients and learning more about their interactions with the business.

Sometimes it’s easier to trust someone with experience of dealing with a company, compared to the company itself.

Check Accreditation

It’s also crucial to find out if the potential pool cleaning business has received accreditation from any relevant professional associations, as this signifies that they must abide by high requirements for both quality and safety.

At JB Elite, we are one of the only swimming pool companies to be certified by FGAS meaning that we can work on a lot of equipment that other companies cannot.

Consider Their Equipment And Products 

A quality business should utilise products and equipment that are safe for your pool and won’t deteriorate it over time. The types of chemicals they use should also be considered because some of them might be harsher than others. Always bear in mind, cheaper very rarely means better!

Get Quotes And Compare Prices 

After you’ve reduced your options, request a price quote from each business. Then, before making a decision, compare prices to what you would pay if you performed the work yourself and take into account any additional factors like convenience or customer service ratings.

Most people wanting to have cleaning and servicing carried out are typically looking to save time, since time is money! Find out what works for you and what suits your budget and expectations.

Check Licensing And Insurance 

Additionally, it’s crucial to confirm that any service you employ is fully licenced and insured. This will cover you from liability in the event that something unforeseen happens while the cleaning is being done, as well as protecting your property. Before hiring any service provider, make sure to request proof of their licencing and insurance. Public liability and vehicle insurance are the 2 most important insurances to have when working at a property.

Discuss Services Provided 

Finally, before signing an agreement, be sure to clarify the services that will be offered as well as the associated costs, such as weekly or monthly visits, chemical checks and adjustments, debris removal, etc. Understanding expectations up front can help prevent any unforeseen problems or shocks later on!


Making an informed decision about a dependable swimming pool cleaning service doesn’t have to be challenging; just make sure to shop around and compare costs before selecting a particular business. If you would like a cost from ourselves, click the button below to request a call back.


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