In order to maximise the performance of your swimming pool pump, the right filter system is necessary. The following are some of the most crucial factors to take into account when choosing the most suitable filter system for your pool pump:


Dimensions And Flow Rate

Your pools size and the type of water circulation you want to achieve will determine the size and flow rate of your filter system. A larger filtration system with greater flow rates is needed for large pools, whilst a smaller unit with lower flow rates is needed for smaller pools.

Most domestic pools will achieve the desired flow rates through one pump and one filter; whereas large domestic or commercial pools may require 2 or more of each! For example, at aquariums like the one situated in LegoLand Windsor!

Type Of Filter Media 

Filter media comes in a variety of forms, including sand, OC-1, Glass and now AFM! Although OC-1 filters offer higher filtering effectiveness, sand filters are more affordable and simpler to maintain. This is vital if your pool is in direct sunlight or if there is a lot of debris in the water.

With the rise in companies (and individuals) looking to become more eco-friendly, AFM Media supply is on the up and up. AFM (Activated Filter Media) benefits from reducing the chlorine consumption required on a pool – although most domestic pool owners prefer to stick with sand media as this is the cheaper option of the 2, along with AFM benefitting larger pools and filters more than small domestic pools.

Filter Cleaning Frequency 

The amount of dirt that has accumulated during each cycle determines how frequently you need to clean your filter; some systems may need cleaning more frequently thank others. Most filter are advised to be backwashed at least once a week just so that they can remove any debris and unsanitary water down into your drain – just don’t forget to top your pool water level back up after this!


It might be challenging to choose a suitable filter for your swimming pool pump, but keeping these crucial considerations in mind will enable you to make the choice that best suits your requirements.


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