Common Issues With Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump


A heat pump is a great way to maintain a suitable temperature in your swimming pool all year long. Yet, just like any equipment, sometimes things might go wrong. When this happens, you’ll want to be ready to troubleshoot the problem quickly and effectively. The most common issues with heat pumps are listed below, along with solutions:


Pump Is Not Starting

This may be caused by a number of things, including a poor power supply, filthy filters, or blocked drainage. Make sure there is nothing obstructing the drainage line, check the voltage on your power source, and try cleaning the filter.


Unit Runs But No Heat Is Produced 

There may not be enough refrigerant gas in the system or it may not be flowing properly if the unit runs but no heat is created. Immediately have a professional inspect it so they can search for any leaks or broken parts.


High Electricity Bills

An increase in your energy costs typically indicates that there is a problem with your heat pump and that either maintenance or repairs are required. Have a professional review it to identify any underlying problems and resolve them as soon as feasible.


Loud Noises From The Pump

If your pump is making loud noises, air bubbles that have become trapped inside may be to blame. This problem can be fixed by shutting off the pump and opening the lid to let out any trapped air. Following that, shut it off once more and start the pump again.


Experiencing Issues With Priming The Pump

Due to suction problems, priming a pool pump might be challenging. To check if it helps, fill your pool with water using a garden hose before starting the pump. If not, you might need to clear the skimmer basket of debris or make sure the valves at the ends of your filtration system are operating properly.



You’re much more likely to experience years of trouble-free operation from your swimming pool heat pump if you’re aware of these typical problems and know how to fix them.


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