Like many home swimming pool owners, your pool may have been getting far more than its usual share of use during the summer lockdown – a positive thing. We’ve spoken to several homeowners who’ve fallen in love with their pool again this year after many years of infrequent or sporadic use. However, we’ve also spoken to more than a few people who have let regular pool maintenance slip during lockdown. Understandable, but now restrictions have lifted, we strongly recommend booking in for an annual pool service before the end of the summer, especially if you’ve been using the pool more than usual. There are some basic checks you can do yourself to stay on top of everyday problems, but many aspects of pool servicing need to be done by a professional.

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The Risks Of Skipping Your Pool Service

It may be tempting to overlook professional servicing in 2020 but doing so may create a series of unnecessary safety risks. For example, poor water quality is a major risk as it can cause anything from skin rashes to ear, nose, and throat infections or even digestive conditions. Annual servicing can help prevent maintenance issues that would be very costly to repair and that would stop you from using your pool next summer.

Our Professional Maintenance Checks

At JB Elite, we offer (and recommend) getting the following maintenance services before shuttering up your pool in the autumn:

✓ Water quality testing and balancing services

✓ System checks to ensure that water filtration, heating, dehumidification, and circulation mechanisms are in top condition

✓ Testing and recalibration of automatic dosing equipment

✓ Pool hovering and debris removal

We also offer a complete maintenance package that will give you the peace of mind of knowing that every aspect of swimming pool maintenance is professionally covered all year round.

Covid-safe Working Practices

Of course, you may be wondering if it’s safe to have your pool serviced at home when there are still Covid-related precautions in place. At JB Elite we take safety seriously, so these are the measures we’re taking in compliance with government guidelines:

  • We ensure our engineers are healthy and fit to work, and use personal protective equipment when needed, including face masks, shoe coverings, and disposable gloves.
  • We make regular hand-washing and sanitising a priority, before and after home visits.
  • Our team practice social distancing at all times while working onsite.
  • We maintain the pool water chlorination levels recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Next Steps

To book a professional pool service with one of our engineers, or to find out more about what we offer, please call 01536 909 778 today. We’re currently taking bookings and delivering onsite services as normal, so let us know what you need.

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Image Source: Unsplash