Explaining Swimming Pool Multi Port Valve Positions


Multi port valves are a crucial component of most contemporary pools. They must control the water flow from the pump to the various pool areas so that you may clean, filter, and heat your swimming area. Here, we will be explaining a multi port valve and show you how to recognise its positions.


What is a Swimming Pool Multi Port Valve?

A multi port valve (MPV) is a specialised valve with six ports for connecting drain lines, pumps, and filters. It regulates the water flow between these elements and other pool setup elements like the heater or skimmer.


Identifying Its Positions

Every position on a MPV serves a different function, so it’s important to know which each one does before engaging in any maintenance tasks. Generally speaking, there are six positions labeled “Filter”, “Backwash”, “Closed”, “Waste”, “Recirculate/Skim” and “Summer/Winter”. Each serves its own purpose in regulating water through your pool setup – understanding what each does can help you make more informed decisions about how to manage your pool efficiently.


Position                                       Purpose
Filter                             For filtering water
Backwash                     To flush out dirt from the filter
Closed                           To shut off water flow
Waste               To send dirty backwash water away
Recirc/Skim          To skim surface debris & recirculate water
Summer/Winter For switching between pool uses during different  seasons



Now that you know how MPVs operate and which position to use for what, you can maintain your swimming area year-round!


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