Since the days of the ancient Romans, bathing in hot water has been appreciated for the health benefits it brings. Today, hot tub hydrotherapy is an increasingly popular way to treat a wide range of physical and mental conditions. Making a hot tub part of your daily routine can bring physical, mental and emotional benefits that can transform your life.

Hot tub hydrotherapy offers a holistic approach to treating everyday aches and pains, relieving stress, and promoting a sense of wellbeing. Immerse yourself in warm water while powerful jets massage your feet, legs, back, and shoulders, reducing tension, lowering blood pressure and offering many other health benefits. What’s not to like?

Let’s look at some of these benefits in more detail:

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1) Stress Reduction

Stress takes its toll on both our physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you’re suffering from mental stress because you’re finding it hard to switch off from work, emotional stress, or are having to cope with stress caused by chronic pain, the regular use of a hot tub will relax and restore the body and mind. The combination of heat, buoyancy and the massaging effect of the jets help to restore your equilibrium and emotional balance.


2) Soothes Muscular Aches & Pains

A 15-20-minute soak in a hot tub reduces muscular tension and is an effective way of dealing with constant aches and pains, whether caused by injury, or a condition such as fibromyalgia or arthritis. Relaxing in a hot tub also has the effect of lifting your mood, which in turn has a beneficial effect on how we perceive pain. Listening to music, aromatherapy oils, and atmospheric lighting all help to enhance the relaxing experience.


3) Helps Relieve The Symptoms Of Arthritis

A nice session in the hot tub could temporarily minimise the pain of arthritis. More than 10 million people in the UK suffer from a form of arthritis, one of the most common causes of joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation. The flow of blood to stiff muscles and affected joints is stimulated by hot water, so a hot tub is the perfect place for some gentle stretches that will improve your range of movement.


4) Lowers High Blood Sugar Levels Associated With Diabetes

Studies by Loughborough University have shown that hydrotherapy in a hot tub can lower diabetic blood sugar levels after eating by up to 10%, simulating the effect of conventional exercise. While increasing your levels of physical activity can be difficult because of existing medical conditions, hot tub hydrotherapy offers a medically recognised alternative treatment, from which everyone can benefit.


5) Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is closely associated with cardiovascular conditions. Hydrotherapy in warm water not only increases body temperature, boosting the metabolic rate, but also lowers arterial blood pressure. A medical study by the Mayo Clinic found that a 15-minute soak offered similar benefits to a session of light exercise, without placing any stress on the body.


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There are a wide range of health benefits to having a hot tub at home. Aside from this, spending time in a hot tub is simply a fun way to relax after a busy day. Hot tubs do not require a large footprint, and are far cheaper to install than home swimming pools, making them accessible for a wide range of property owners. To find out more about hot tub installation, upgrades and maintenance, please give us a call today on 01536 646007.

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