With summer nearing its end and darker days looming, homeowners may be wondering how their outdoor swimming pool is going to be anything other than a white elephant during the cooler weather. In fact, even in Mediterranean countries with warmer climates, home pools may be uncomfortable during winter, so special accessories are necessary to ensure the water is warm enough to enjoy all year-round.

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Whether you have an existing swimming pool that needs modifications or plan to install a new pool soon, the experts at JB Elite can ensure that your pool can be enjoyed at any time of year, with some simple and cost-effective accessories:

Pool Heaters

Without a good quality heater, swimming pools in the UK are not fun to use, even in warm weather. A heater is the single most effective accessory you can install to gently increase the temperature of the water and extend the amount of time that the pool can be used.

In a country where solar energy is sometimes in short supply, air source heat pumps are readily available and easily installed. At JB Elite, we can provide tailored advice to help you to select the option that most suits your home and your budget.

Pool Covers

In autumn, as leaves fall and high winds dominate the weather, the accumulation of debris in outdoor swimming pools is a frustrating problem. Considerable time and effort are required to remove debris from the water and to clean the filter. Pool covers are a simple but highly effective solution that require little effort to unroll (automatic covers make the task even less strenuous).

However, a high-quality cover can also help to maintain the temperature of the water, reducing your heating bills, while it is also an essential safety feature should younger members of the family stray close to the pool and accidentally fall in.

Swimming Pool Insulation

Insulated pools are the must-have solution if you wish to make full use of the facility throughout the year. While insulated walls are a legal requirement only in indoor pools, it makes perfect sense to install insulated panels outdoors to improve energy retention and slash your heating bills.

By helping to regulate the water temperature and prevent unwanted heat loss, insulation can make swimming pools more useable even in the cooler months. Pool insulation is most effective when combined with high-quality pool covers and a good source of heating.

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At JB Elite, we can provide all the accessories you need to enjoy your home swimming pool deep into the autumn and winter, backed by our expert advice and knowledge.

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