Robotic pool cleaners are excellent for effortlessly maintaining your swimming pool. However, just like with any piece of equipment, it’s crucial to maintain your robotic pool cleaner to keep it in prime condition. Here are some tips when it comes to robotic pool cleaner maintenance!


Always Comply With The Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Make sure to carefully read the manual and become familiar with any safety information before continuing. The secret to getting the most out of your robotic pool cleaner is to follow the precise instructions. Sometimes this can be to have your robotic pool cleaner serviced regularly, other times it may simply mean checking parts for wear and tear a few months at a time. It is always good to have spare parts like tracks and baskets/filters as these are relatively inexpensive and are the parts that make the robotic pool cleaner clean effectively!

Consistently Check Your Robot

At least once a month, carry out a routine inspection of your robot to help you identify any issues before they escalate or require extensive repairs. Check for any loose screws, frayed wires, or damaged parts because these need to be replaced right away if found. As we all know, water and electricity don’t match, so why risk it!? In most cases, it is worthwhile repairing a robotic pool cleaner, although this does come down to the age of the cleaner as well as how much you paid for it at the time, compared to the cost it is now.

Frequently Clean And Maintain

Robotic pool cleaners require routine cleaning and maintenance in order to keep functioning effectively over time, much like a traditional vacuum cleaner. Every few weeks, be sure to clean out the brushes of any debris, and make sure the filter basket is empty after each usage to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating inside.

Additionally, some models require particular lubricants or cleaning substances; when performing this type of maintenance, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific model – at times, you may find it easier to send the robotic pool cleaner back to where you bought it from to have a full service carried out.


This advice will help you keep your robotic pool cleaner operating well for many years to come.

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