How To Prepare Your Swimming Pool For When You’re Away On Holiday


Are you planning to go away on holiday and have a swimming pool at your home? Prior to departing, make sure you take the appropriate safety measures. The actions you may take to make sure your swimming pool is open while you are away are discussed in this article.


Clean Up And Maintenance

It’s crucial that you thoroughly clean your pool before leaving. Cleaning entails getting rid of any floating material in the water, such as leaves or dirt, since these can clog filters or make the surface slippery if not removed.

Also, you should ensure that all of your pool’s equipment, including the pumps, skimmers, and filters, are in good working order. To prevent future maintenance issues, make any necessary repairs if there are any indications of wear and tear or damage.


Check Water Levels And Chemistry Balance

Before departing, it’s crucial to check the pH and chlorine levels in your pool. Doing so ensures that your water supply is in good balance and won’t become contaminated while no one is there to watch over it. If necessary, adjust any water levels in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and if more algae prevention agents are needed, add them especially if leaving during warmer months.


Cover It Up!

Cover your swimming pool with a safety net or cover sheet once all cleaning and maintenance tasks are finished. They will secure the area’s upkeep for when you come home by preventing trash from clogging pipes or chemicals from evaporating while no one is present to maintain it.


Any enjoyable activity requires work, especially when getting ready for a lengthy holiday. Before leaving, make sure to examine both the inside and outside of your pool to ensure its protection and safety while you are away.


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