How To Recalibrate Automatic Swimming Pool Covers 


While your pool is not in use, automatic pool covers are a practical and reliable solution to keep it safe and clean. Yet, they are susceptible to misalignment or out-of-calibration with time, much like any mechanical system. It could be time to calibrate your automated pool cover if you’re having issues with it.


A few simple instruments may usually be used to complete the process of recalibrating an automatic pool cover. Finding the control box for the cover, which is often placed next to the pool or on a neighbouring wall, is the first step.


The control box must be opened once you’ve found it in order to gain access to the calibration settings. Usually, this is accomplished by taking out a few screws or opening a latch on the box’s side.


You must change these settings in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines in order to calibrate the cover. This can entail modifying the sensors’ sensitivity, the motor’s speed, or the placement of the pool cover.


When adjusting the control box, it’s crucial to take caution because making the incorrect adjustments can harm the cover or the pool. It’s advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or ask a pro for assistance if you’re unsure how to adjust your cover.


It’s a good idea to test the cover after you’ve finished the recalibration to make sure it’s functioning properly. This can be accomplished by repeatedly opening and shutting the lid while ensuring that it does so smoothly and stops in the desired location.


Your automatic pool cover will continue to function smoothly and safely for years to come if you regularly examine and recalibrate it.