You’ve finally closed the deal for the property of your dreams, and that property comes with a fabulous home swimming pool. But on closer investigation, you may realise that the pool needs some work before you and your family can enjoy it this summer.

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Key signs that your swimming pool needs some TLC include:

  • Flaking, stained, or rough surfaces.
  • Cracked tiles.
  • Discoloured grout.
  • Worn out, cracked or split liners.
  • Cloudy or green water.
  • Persistent drop in the water table – possibly caused by a leak in the pool lining
  • Higher than average electric / water bills (often caused by an inefficient or faulty pool pump or heater).
  • Dated or old-fashioned pool tiles, murals, or poolside area

How To Refurbish My Swimming Pool?

If your ‘new’ pool is dated, has maintenance issues, or is energy inefficient, professional refurbishment and renovation work can be a cheaper alternative to a full pool replacement. Here’s an overview of what it takes to solve common pool problems, as well as a list of rough average costs.

High utility bills can be caused by outdated filtration equipment or by an old or faulty pump. Filters have an average lifetime of 10 years, but you may need to replace them sooner if the previous owners didn’t stay on top of annual maintenance. Quality pumps can last 10-15 years, but even the best pumps may fail if they’re not property maintained and kept debris-free.

Pump and filter combos start at £1000.

Additionally, you could reduce water bills by getting a pool cover, which will help prevent water evaporation. Manual solar bubble covers start at £1,000, and automatic safety covers can cost up to £18,000 depending on pool size and options chosen.

An unattractive water colour is often caused by maintenance issues that favour algae outbreaks. Tackling this problem involves one or more chlorine shock treatments, possibly combined with algicides. Extensive algae infestation may require thorough scrubbing and filter replacement.

Chemical cleaning costs approximately £350-400 when only one visit is required. Sometimes cleaning can require multiple visits to ensure the best end result.

Cracked or flaking tiles detract from your pool’s appeal and can be a safety hazard if they expose rough surfaces. Tile replacement typically requires new mortar and grout, and costs are usually calculated per square foot (averaging £30 per sq. ft).

If your pool isn’t tiled, it will probably have a vinyl liner. The average liner has a life expectancy of 10 years, and replacement costs vary depending on size and whether they’re plain or patterned. Costs range from £4,000 for basic options to £12,000 for heavy duty liners with a longer lifespan.

Next Steps

If you’ve inherited a pool in a property you’ve recently purchased, we strongly recommend talking to a pool refurbishment expert, even if the pool appears to be in decent condition. At JB Elite, we specialise in bespoke pool refurbishment services and maintenance programmes, all of which are carried out with minimal disruption and ensuring quality finishes that match the rest of your property. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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Image Source: Unsplash