Safety Pool Covers

Safety Pool Covers

We know your priority is keeping your children, family, friends and pets safe. We all must acknowledge that having a pool can be a risk but steps can be taken to significantly reduce this risk. A key part of making a pool as safe as possible is controlling access to the pool. Be this with a fence, locked room or safety cover.

We offer the Coverstar Safety cover that allows you, at the flick of a switch to cover or uncover the pool preventing access to the pool without the key. Children or adults can walk on the cover and there will be no issues with anyone ending up in the pool.


As well as the safety benefits of fitting a safety cover to your swimming pool there are also a number of other great benefits

  • Debris, including leaves, cannot get into the pool, making the pool easier to maintain.
  • Reduce chemical usage as when the cover is on the sunlight can not attack the chlorine as light is blocked out.
  • Reduced heating costs as evaporation is stopped
  • Keeps wildlife out of the pool

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A safety cover for a pool 10m x 5m costs from £15,000

Should a safety pool cover be of interest to you or you wish to discuss this further please call us on 01536 646 007 or email us at [email protected]¬†

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