If your swimming pool starts leaking it can seem like an impossible task at first locating the leak. We at JB Elite Services have specialist leak detection tools and equipment to help us find the leak as quickly as possible and get your pool back to normal. Be it a commercial or domestic swimming pool we are able to help locate the leak as quickly as possible.

As part of our leak locating skills we are able to fully pressure test all pipe work to quickly ascertain if it’s the pipe work that’s leaking, and with the use of diving equipment we can even pressure test swimming pool main drains with water still in the pool!

If your swimming pool is a liner type pool, we have electronic leak detection equipment we can use to very quickly pin point even the smallest of swimming pool leaks. This system puts a small electrical charge into the pool water and we can trace where the charge is going down to the earth as the intact pool liner acts as an electrical insulator so where the pool is leaking the electrical change will track down to earth.

For tiled and plastered swimming pools we offer dye testing to locate the leak. For this we add a small amount of dye around areas we suspect could be issues for concern to try and see the dye being pulled into any potentially leaking areas.

We offer nationwide swimming pool leak detection, for more information and a free quotation CLICK HERE.

picture of a pool leak