Swimming Pool Covers

Having a cover on a swimming pool is a must have for almost everyone that owns a pool.

The two most common types of pool cover used in the UK are solar GeoBubble covers which are used in the summer and winter debris covers which, you guessed it, are used to cover your pool over the winter period when your swimming pool is shut down. However, you can also look to buy a safety cover if your aim is to prevent children and animals (or the odd tipsy adult!) from accidentally falling into the water.


Solar GeoBubble

Solar GeoBubble covers are made from a high quality plastic with a UV stabiliser to resist attack by sunlight. The cover has a smooth flat top and a ‘double bubble’ underside to help with heat retention, insulation and to keep the cover afloat.¬†When the sun shines on a solar cover, it lets heat through and with specific choices of solar cover such as covers with reflective undersides, this helps to bounce heat back into the pool water.

The solar cover is left on the swimming pool at any time that the pool is not in use and then removed from the pool when the pool is needed, usually by using a manual roller – these can however be upgraded to be electronic.

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Winter Cover

The winter cover is made from a fine mesh that lets rain fall through but does not allow debris through into the pool water. The cover has straps which are then fixed into the pool surround using fixing springs to keep the tension.

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Slatted and Safety Covers

When prioritising safety as well as heat retention, many pool owners opt for a slatted cover (eg. Roldeck) or a material safety cover such as CoverStar. Slatted covers are not specifically designed as safety covers so cannot be relied on, however, all of our slatted covers meet French standards to be able to take at least 100kg before damage is caused. Material safety covers are solely designed for safety and heat retention combined; users can walk on these covers, although it is not advised as this can cause wear and tear. But, for any people or animals who happen to stumble onto the cover, you can be rest assured that no one will be getting hurt, or wet!

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Pool Installation

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