Swimming Pool Maintenance Prices

Unless you have owned and looked after a pool before, you may think that maintaining your pool, including balancing off all of the chemicals is a little bit daunting!

Well, that’s why we offer maintenance packages to suit everyone’s needs.

Our most common frequencies are weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

If your pool is outdoor and has heavy usage, whether it be because of having some excited family members, or just simply partying in the summer months, you will likely find that weekly visits are best for you. However, on the other end of the scale, you may have an indoor pool that is only used once in a blue moon, and for this we would recommend monthly visits just to make sure everything is in check and to ensure that you don’t walk into a room with a makeshift swamp!

Starting costs of each visit are as below :

  • Weekly visits from £125inc VAT
  • Fortnightly visits from £150inc VAT
  • Monthly visits from £175inc VAT

Chemicals are only charged as and when we supply them – and we always aim to be competitive with our chemical supply!

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