Swimming Pool Opening And Closing

Swimming Pool Opening and Closing


Lots of people chose to close down their outdoor swimming pools at the end of the summer and open them back up in the springtime.


Closing down the pool correctly at the end of the season is critical to ensure your pool, as well as swimming pool equipment, is safe and in good working order come to the start of the season. Shutting down the pool correctly also ensures that the pool is easy to open back up come the springtime and has not turned pea-green over winter. 


We also offer mid-winter checks to ensure the pool levels are remaining as we want. We find these visits drastically reduce the time and amount of chemicals that are needed when the pool is opened back up. 


When it comes to opening the pool back up at the start of the season it is key to make sure this is done correctly to ensure you have a trouble-free swimming season. 


If you think this service might be of benefit for you or you would like to discuss this further please call 01536 646 007 or email infor@jbeliteservices.co.uk.