What Is The Difference Between A Wall Mounted And Ducted Swimming Pool Dehumidifier?


The decision between a wall-mounted and ducted device for pool dehumidifiers frequently comes down to personal preference. In order to assist you choose the best unit for your pool, we’ll explain the distinctions between wall mounted and ducted units in this section.


Wall Mounted Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Due to its ability to fit into compact spaces and lack of need for external piping, wall mounted pool dehumidifiers are a fantastic solution for smaller rooms. Both fixed variants that attach into the wall and portable devices that can stand right on top of the floor are available.

Wall mounted units are an excellent option for individuals who don’t want to incur additional remodelling expenses because of how simple and inexpensive it is to install them. They are less effective in removing huge volumes of water from bigger regions than other varieties and, as a result, are better suited for smaller pools than for larger bodies of water.


Ducted Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers for bigger commercial pools, like those in community centres or swimming pools, are typically installed. They can quickly remove enormous quantities of water, making them ideal for removing moisture from big areas like indoor or outdoor pools, even though installing external ducting increases the expense of remodelling.

The key benefits of ducted units over other types include increased energy efficiency and lower noise levels because they can be used with existing HVAC systems. These units are often more expensive than other varieties, though, so for some people they might not be the most cost-effective choice at first.


The choice between a wall-mounted and ducted pool dehumidifier truly boils down to your personal preferences in terms of installation requirements, affordability, and space available, so be sure to evaluate everything before making a choice.


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