Water Games You Can Play By The Swimming Pool


It’s time to break out the swimsuits and head to the pool now that the warm, bright weather has arrived. But with so many entertaining outdoor water sports you may do this summer beside or in the swimming area, why limit yourself to just swimming? Here are some suggestions for motivating your kids to exercise in a cool, refreshing manner:



Marco Polo

The popular game of Marco Polo can be played in a pool or on a pitch. All other participants must keep their eyes closed and avoid eye contact with the “It” child, who is identified as the one who counts. The group searches for one another and responds with “Polo” when someone says “Marco.”


Sponge Tag

Split your group into two teams, and have each team stand on the opposite sides of the pool as you play sponge tag. Give each team a sponge, which they must then pass back and forth before hurling it in the direction of the opposing team. The losing team is the one whose sponge landed on that side.


Watermelon Race 

Load several buckets with watermelons for the watermelon race (or any other type of fruit or vegetable). Next divide the children into two groups, one at each end, and have them race by carrying their designated buckets of watermelon through the swimming area without spilling any until they get at the finish line first.


Underwater Egg Hunt 

Hard-boiled eggs can be hidden throughout the swimming area at varying depths for children to find without using their hands; they must instead dive down far to do so. By giving points for each egg found, add a competitive element to make it harder; the person with the highest score wins!


Unscramble Relay Race

Divide the competitors into two equal teams, provide them with lined paper and pencils, and then distribute words or phrases that must be unscrambled at various points throughout the pool area (this works best if you make them related to swimming). After finishing, competitors must circle around and pass the baton to a teammate who runs ahead with a new set of unscrambled words or phrases.


Balloon Toss 

Throw balloons back and forth in pairs until all of them have been collected from one side of the pool during the balloon toss activity. If necessary, you may also do this alone; just have people take turns gathering balloons from one side before tossing them back!



Unscramble This summer, bring out these thrilling water games for some much-needed family fun!


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