One of the most crucial components of a swimming pool is the pump. Since there are so many different types of swimming pool pumps available, it can be challenging to choose the one that is best for you. A decent pump is essential to maintain your pool and keep it clean and healthy. To make the choice easier, we’ve created the following advice guide:

Single Speed Pumps

Single speed pumps work well for basic pool maintenance tasks including water filtration and chemical circulation. They are easy to use and economical, but because of their fixed speeds, they may use more energy.

These are the most common pumps that you will know and see frequently; most pools use single-speed pumps as they are a cheaper up-front cost and do the job perfectly well of circulating the water within the swimming pool – however, the running cost is higher than other options so you will end up paying more long-term.


Variable Speed Pumps 

When it comes to running pool maintenance tasks, variable speed pumps offer more versatility. They are more effective when performing simple tasks by varying the motor speed, which over time results in cheaper energy expenses.

Most variable speed pumps come with 3 settings; slow, medium and fast as well as giving you a full range of speeds in RPM. There is a common misconception that swimming pool pumps need to be running at full speed constantly, this isn’t true. If you are on an electricity tariff whereby your rates are cheaper at night, you can run the swimming pool pump at full speed during this time and on slow or medium during the day. If you find that you are getting a good amount of circulation that isn’t affecting your chemical balance or heating, you may even be able to reduce the speed down for the whole day!


Two Speed Pumps

You may choose between two different speeds with two-speed pumps: low for basic tasks like circulating chemicals and high for demanding filtration tasks like clearing out trash from your pool. If you want to use your pump regularly, they typically use less energy than single-speed or variable-speed pumps, making them a wise choice.

Two speed pumps are more commonly used on hot tubs rather than swimming pools as they tend to fall behind in capabilities when it comes to being able to have full adjustment of the pump speed like it is as standard on a variable speed pump.


Choosing the swimming pool pump that best suits your needs can initially seem difficult, but knowing the different types will enable you to make the right choice.

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