Long-lasting, fast to install, low-maintenance, and cheap to run – a polystone monopool is a very sensible choice. Monopool means it’s delivered in one piece, designed to whatever shape and style you want. The only restriction on size is that it must be delivered by road.

Niveko pools from JB Elite are exceptionally stylish with many worthwhile features available only from Niveko.

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What Is Polystone?

Polystone is a strong, porcelain-like material made by mixing powdered stone with polyurethane resin. It is formulated to be highly resistant to the effects of chlorine and ultraviolet rays (UV) and is an increasingly popular alternative to fiberglass in home swimming pools.

Benefits Of A Niveko Polystone Pool

Niveko pools are manufactured to a superior level of quality and offer many attractive benefits to homeowners:

  • Durable – There are no tiles on the pool wall to break and no liner that can tear
  • Fast installation – Usually completed within 2-4 weeks after the pool is delivered
  • Low installation cost – Because installation is fast, there is a lower labour cost
  • Low maintenance – Polystone pools require fewer chemicals and don’t need refurbishment after a few years like concrete or liner pools
  • Manufactured off-site – One-piece transportation and set-up mean less hassle in your garden for weeks on end as with conventional concrete pools
  • Customization possibilities – Niveko prides itself on building any style of pool you want. The scope for customizing the shape and added extras is very wide indeed

Are There Any Drawbacks To A Niveko Pool?

Should the pool be over 11m x 3.7m; some work will need to be carried out on-site to connect multiple parts of the pool. However, in many cases this can be a benefit as many people can have restricted access into their properties and gardens; and this also means that pool can be created in multiple shapes and sizes.

What’s Involved With Installation?

Your Niveko pool comes with many of the plumbing fittings already attached. Once the shell has been lowered into place the installation team installs the pipework. Then they backfill the hole. All the controls, pumping, filtering, and heating equipment are located in one place for ease of access and operation.

How To Find Out More

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