Why Is There Scale On My Swimming Pool Cover?


You might be asking what this implies and how to avoid it if you’ve observed scale or white deposits on your pool cover. Here, we examine the causes of this as well as some potential solutions for stopping it from happening again.


What Is Causing This?

Scale or white deposits on a pool’s surface often signify an excessively high calcium hardness level in the water. Unbalanced water’s pH can encourage scaling, which can be brought on by a number of things, including:

  • A lot of hard water
  • A high alkalinity level
  • Unreliable filtration techniques
  • Unbalanced levels of sanitiser


How Can I Prevent It?

It’s crucial to perform routine maintenance procedures like weekly chemical balance checks and filtration system cleaning to avoid scale from accumulating on your pool cover. Moreover, be careful not to over-chemicalise your swimming area (e.g., use only the minimum amount of chemicals required for effective sanitation) and always test the pH of your water before adding anything to it. Last but not least, think about spending money on a high-quality pool cover that will keep debris out while assisting in maintaining an ideal chemistry balance.


By using these techniques, you’ll help keep your fantasy pool looking its best and save yourself the stress of dealing with unsightly scale formation.


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