The comforting heat of a sauna is praised around the world for its many health benefits, but how many of these are backed up by real science? In this blog, we will be exploring the 4 reasons why you should invest in a home sauna.

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1) The Claim: Saunas Help With Stress Release

Finding healthy de-stressing strategies can be a challenge in a fast-paced world, but a lot of celebrities and athletes argue that saunas are the perfect option.

What The Science Says

In this case, the celebrities may be right. It’s often forgotten that although stress has external causes, it creates biochemical changes in the body that make the situation worse. The soothing heat from a sauna has been shown to release endorphins, the body’s natural stress-relief formula, to banish the effects of the daily grind.


2) The Claim: Saunas Aid Recovery

The image of an athlete unwinding in a sauna after an intensive workout is a familiar one, and sauna therapy has been used by sports professionals and celebrities around the world to minimise the impact of injuries.

What The Science Says

There’s a very good reason that saunas are associated with gyms and pro-athletics. The same endorphins that help the body unwind from stress also relax the blood vessels, potentially aiding the recovery process after exercise or injury. For this reason, sauna bathing is often recommended by physiotherapists.


3) The Claim: Saunas Flush Toxins From The Skin

Sweating is a way for bodies to remove toxins, so it makes sense that saunas would aid and accelerate the detox process. Supporters claim a sauna bath can leave them looking and feeling younger and healthier.

What The Science Says

Harmful toxins can be stored in the body’s fat cells. Once established, they can be very hard to flush out without intensive diets and exercise regimes. A sauna won’t reach these ingrained toxins, but sauna sessions are a widely recognised therapeutic strategy for releasing toxins, grease and pathogens trapped in the skin pores, leading to better skin appearance.


4) The Claim: Saunas Improve Brain Health

The idea that saunas might be able to stave off conditions such as dementia is a relatively new one, but if it’s true it could become a recommended part of a health and wellbeing routine.

What The Science Says

As the idea of using a sauna to protect against Alzheimer’s is fairly new, there is a limited amount of scientific evidence available. However, a 20-year-long study from Finland supports the hypothesis that sauna bathing may offer protection against dementia. The reason for this is the same that offers cardiovascular, recovery, and stress relief benefits: by relaxing the blood vessels, heat can help the body keep its natural healing processes on track.

I Need a Sauna In My Life! What Do I Do Next?

Having a daily soothe in a sauna doesn’t have to require a trip to the nearest gym or spa. Today, a variety of high-quality home sauna options are available to bring the experience into the home environment. For more information about upgrading your self-care regime with the help of a sauna, have a chat with one of our swimming pool and sauna specialists today.


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Image Source: Unsplash