Repeated lockdowns and travel bans have increased the appeal of a home swimming pool for many homeowners. With dozens of attractive and affordable options available, and professional pool installation from JB Elite Services, a home swimming pool is more accessible than ever. Here are the five top ‘must-have’ features for the most stylish home swimming pools in 2021:


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Energy-Saving Pumps


Lower energy consumption means homeowners spend less on operating their pool and make less of an impact on the environment. Traditional single-speed pool pumps tend to operate at higher capacities than necessary, wasting energy and money. Modern energy-saving pumps run at lower flow rates, cutting energy usage by up to 80%. With models having integrated multi-speed controls to give homeowners total control over the pump.


UV Cleaning Systems


Bacterial control is essential in any pool to keep users safe, but chlorine must be maintained at an appropriate level so as not to cause irritation to the eyes and skin. To reduce the need for chlorine and improve water safety, state-of-the-art ultraviolet cleaning systems can be installed into the pipework. As water flows through the treatment chamber on the return to the pool, pathogens are destroyed by a UV ‘filter’, maintaining excellent hygiene while reducing the need for chemicals in the water.


Luxury Materials


For a smart, clean, and durable appearance, acrylic walls are becoming more commonplace and are easy to install in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.


LED Lighting


LED lights have surged in popularity in the home in recent years due to their brightness, low heat, and energy efficiency, and they are a fantastic addition to home swimming pools, too. From adjustable mood lighting to safety lights around access areas, there are numerous options that could make your new swimming pool safer and more eye catching.


Integrated Spa


Spas are wonderful for a relaxing afternoon in winter or a social event in summer, so why not consider integrating a spa, or hot tub area into the swimming pool complex? Guests will be able to move seamlessly from the spa to the pool, or vice versa, while the entire facility can be protected with a single automatic safety cover to keep both spa and pool clean.


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At JB Elite Services, we provide professional home pool installation with all the modern features to add value to your property while delivering a fantastic swimming experience. To find out more or to arrange a free, no-obligation quotation, call us today on 01536 909749.


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Image source: Pixabay