Heated swimming pools are on many people’s dream wish list, a fantastic addition to any home or garden that provides hours of entertainment and fitness for the whole family. But while a swimming pool offers many benefits, the cost of warming the water can be high, particularly if you opt for an inefficient conventional heater that struggles to supply the necessary level of warmth to sustain a pleasant temperature. Also, solar heating, common in the Mediterranean, is not suitable as a sole heat source in the UK as the weather is rarely good enough for a prolonged period.

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Rather than allowing the pool to become a white elephant, the best solution is to find a more cost-effective and efficient way to heat it, so that you can continue to enjoy the health and therapeutic benefits that a heated pool has to offer. Heat pump heaters and slatted pool covers are two options that could slash your bills.

Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters

A heat pump for swimming pools is an efficient way to heat water that avoids a constant drain on energy. As the swimming pool’s water is circulated by the swimming pool pump, the water travels through the pool filter and then on to the pool heat pump heater. Air from outside (which can be as low as -15°C – perfect in the UK!), is sucked in by a fan, passed over the evaporator coil, and heat from within the air is absorbed by the refrigerant. The refrigerant is then transferred through a heat exchanger where it transfuses the heat into the pool water, in a continuous cycle, this ensures the constant flow of warmth into the pool water, without the need to provide inefficient electric heating.

Gas pool heaters are an alternative option, but these tend to be more expensive to run due to being less efficient that swimming pool heat pump heaters, which also have a superior lifespan and require less maintenance.

Choosing the correct size of heat pump for your swimming pool is a complicated process that is determined by several factors, such as the surface area of the swimming pool and temperature that the pool is too kept at. Humidity, overnight temperatures and the pool location are also critical factors, so the size of the heat pump must be determined by a qualified professional.

Air source heat pump swimming pool heaters offer a cost-effective solution to the problem of warming pool water. However, due to variations in the size and volume of swimming pools, their location, and the climate, you should always seek an estimate of projected energy savings from a heat pump installer before investing.

Swimming Pool Slatted Covers

A swimming pool cover is an essential accessory that reduces the risk of accidental drowning (especially if children or pets live in your home), reduce the problem of leaf litter, and improves the aesthetics of your heated pool. However, the type of cover you install can affect the energy efficiency and aesthetics of your pool, so selecting the most appropriate design is an important decision.

A swimming pool slatted cover helps to retain heat in the water by reducing natural radiation, while also lowering evaporation. With heat loss cut by up to 87%, less heating will be required to maintain the temperature of the water, slashing your energy bills and ensuring the pool is more accessible and usable throughout the year. Solar polycarbonate slats can even transfer the heat from the sun to the water, boosting its temperature and reducing the need to use other heat sources.

Slatted pool covers are available in different materials and designs and can be easily fitted to existing swimming pools. Coverage of the entire pool is delivered with a simple press of a button, with no time-consuming or demanding manual work to unroll and position the cover.

Installation And Maintenance

For optimum performance and energy efficiency of your heated swimming pool, professional installation of heat pumps and slatted covers is essential, helping to save you money in the long-term and provide you with a valuable accessory from which the whole family will benefit. For outstanding service and the highest quality installation and maintenance across the East Midlands and West Midlands please get in touch today.

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Image source: Pixabay