Pool Sand Filter Service

Swimming  Pool Sand Filter Service

Your swimming pool sand filter is a vital part of your pool, it ensures the pool water always remains crystal clear. We carry out repairs and servicing on both domestics swimming pool sand and commercial sand filters. 


We have developed and built custom sand extraction units to speed up the replacement of filter media in both domestic and commercial sand filters. Using our custom-built sand extraction units we can remove the sand from your filter with incredible speed and an absolute minimum of mess drastically speeding up the time it takes to replace the filter media. 


On average we can service a domestic sand filter within 1.5 hours and a 5-tonne commercial sand filter in one day. This includes removal of filter media, cleaning of the filter, inspection of the filter including seals and laterals, adding new replacement filter media and testing and commissioning of the filter. 


We recommend swimming pool sand filters are serviced at least every 3 years to ensure they are keeping your pool water sparkling. As well as offering sand filter servicing we also offer replacement of domestic and commercial sand filters.


Servicing of a domestic 100kg sand filter cost from £240 inclusive of VAT  including the supply of new filter media and disposal of old filter media. This will normally take 1.5 hours.


Servicing of a commercial 5,000kg sand filter costs from £4500 + VAT including the supply of new filter media and disposal of old filter media. This includes a pre-start site visit. This will normally be completed within 1 day.