On site pool lining or extreme pool lining as it’s also known, was previously mainly used on commercial swimming pools, due to its robust construction.

On site pool liners are now becoming used more and more on domestic pools where people are realising the benefits of this swimming pool lining system. It is double the thickness of a traditional bag pool liner and does not have the disadvantages of getting creases in it if the pool is drained. On site lining comes in rolls and is welded on site giving the perfect fit to the pool shell every time and can be fitted to any shape of pool, even deck level swimming pools or pools with pits for slatted covers.

We have been carrying out on site lining for 10+ years and have carried this out on many different types of pool, be it domestic swimming pools or commercial swimming pools. We have converted many old tile pools that have started to leak to on site lined pools to give them a new lease of life.

There is a really wide range of patterns now available for on site pool lining, some of them are textured and on the tiled patterns the tiles can even stand out from the grout lines giving the appearance of a tiled pool.

Features of on-site lining :

  • Fully Certified Materials suitable for any installation
  • High quality printing with a multiple lacquered protective surface – offering the highest stain, discolouration and abrasion resistance
  • UV Stabilised – acceleration chamber tested
  • Ideal for both new and refurbished pools, including concrete, cement render, steel, aluminium, timber and fibreglass (although fittings must be liner type)
  • Anti-slip options are available for steps and walk in slopes
  • Anti-microbially equipped
  • Tear Resistant
  • Sealed with colour coordinated or translucent liquid PVC
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications


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