Swimming Pool Sand Filter Repairs

Swimming Pool Sand Filter Repairs


Your swimming pool sand filter is a vital part of your pool, it ensures the pool water always remains crystal clear. We carry out repairs and servicing on both domestic swimming pool sand filters as well as commercial sand filters. 


When you start to have issues with your pool filter, whether that be it letting sand back into the pool, leaking water (or sand!), or just not keeping your pool crystal clear, we are on hand to help. 


Be it repairs or replacement of your swimming pool sand filter we can help with our quick response times and honest advice. 


To view our Filter Brochures, please CLICK HERE


We recommend you have your swimming pool sand filter serviced at least once every 3 years. To find out more about sand filter servicing CLICK HERE.


To discuss your requirements please call 01536 646 007 or email [email protected]

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