Swimming Pool Cover Prices

Bubble Covers

More than ever, a solar blanket is a firm necessity when it comes to operating a pool in the UK.

By offering solar gain, heat retention and a water loss barrier, a good quality and well-made bubble cover will provide years of service and save money far beyond its original cost in a very short period of time.

Please see table below for cost per mof our different types of bubble covers please note that prices do not include delivery and that different colour options would be available.

GeoBubble 600 Micron GeoBubble 500 Micron  GeoBubble 400 Micron GeoSol + Guard GeoSol + Guard 180
Price per m2 £29* £26* £23* £30* £33*


*All cover prices are excluding delivery. Please contact 01536 646 007 for delivery costs as well as colour options.

Slatted Covers

We offer a wide range of slatted swimming pool covers to suit all shapes and sizes of pools. We can supply slatted pool covers on a supply only basis or supply and installation basis nationwide across the UK and abroad.

There are a number of styles but they all have the same key benefit of helping you to make the most of your pool. No more hassle or the struggle of reeling your cover off your pool before you use it, then having to drag it back over once you are finished.

With slatted pool covers these issues are a thing of the past. With the press of a button your cover can be off the pool, and once you are done in the water, a touch of the button and it’s back on.

Because of our relationship with our suppliers, we are able to supply and fit these covers nationwide at fantastic prices. Cost on a slatted cover for a 10m x 5m pool can be upwards of £12,000. Click here for a free quotation, sample slats or brochures.


Slatted cover on rollerIMG-20191105-WA0005

Safety Covers

We know your priority is keeping your children, family, friends and pets safe. We all must acknowledge that having a pool can be a risk but steps can be taken to significantly reduce this risk. A key part of making a pool as safe as possible is controlling access to the pool. Be this with a fence, locked room or safety cover.

We offer the Coverstar Safety cover that allows you, at the flick of a switch to cover, or uncover the pool preventing access to the pool without the key. Children or adults can walk on the cover and there will be no issues with anyone ending up in the pool.

A safety cover for a pool 10m x 5m costs from £15,000.

Click here for a free quotation, or to request brochures.


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