Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Repairs

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Repairs

If you are having issues with condensation within your swimming pool hall, there is a good chance the issue is with your swimming pool dehumidifier. 


If you have a ducted system or wall-mounted unit and are having problems we can help you. Being one of the very few swimming pool companies to be REFCOM registered we can legally and safely carry out all aspects of maintenance and repairs to swimming pool dehumidifiers as well as the installation of new dehumidification and heating systems. 


We deal with both domestic and commercial swimming pool dehumidification from initial specification and installation to servicing and repairs.


If you need any help with your swimming pool dehumidifier call us on 01536 646 007 or email [email protected] 

Picture of a calorex air handling unit

CDP70 | CDP70 dehumidifier - wall mountedDH55AX/L | Vaporex 55 dehumidifier + defrost + 5kW (LPHW) heating