As energy costs keep rising, reduce running costs by up to 60% with the iSaver Inverter!

The iSaver inverter is a low cost solution designed to greatly reduce the running costs of pool circulation pumps and improve the efficiency of swimming pool filtration!

With an iSaver inverter your pump’s speed can be set to run at a slower pace, greatly reducing the running cost of your pool.

The estimated annual running costs for a 1HP pump are £1620, by using the iSaver inverter at 2000RPM we can reduce this by approximately £970 per year

Added benefits of Pump Inverters

  • Extended pump lifetime: A reduction in your pump’s running speed means a reduction in wear, particularly in mechanical seals, this means your pump will last longer!
  • Better Filtration: as the water is moving through the filter more slowly smaller particules can be removed easier!
  • Better user experience: Running at lower speeds the pump’s sound levels can be reduced by up to 25%