Exercise Pool Installation

Exercise Pool Installation

When looking for a pool purely for exercise or swimming training a small above ground pool complete with Fast Lane counter current can be a great choice. 


For above-ground exercise pools, we offer the above-ground HeatFrom system complete with Fast Lane counter-current house in a recess at the end of the pool.


These pools can be installed and commissioned in as little 3 days.


For a HeatFrom above ground pool complete with all of the below, cost start from £23,000 + Creation of suitable concrete base and electrical supply


Plain on-site liner

Fast Lane Countercurrent

Electric heater (can be upgraded to a heat pump or heat exchanger)

Pump and Filter, complete with media

All pipework and installation

Full installation and Commissioning  


If you think this option might be for you or you would like to discuss this further please call 01536 646 007 or email infor@jbeliteservices.co.uk