Coverseal Pool Covers

A unique, reliable & patented technology

The Coverseal brand was born of a desire to bring an equally aesthetic and high-performing solution to a demanding clientele. Originating from the world of industry and more precisely, fast-opening flexible doors, this technology has been adapted in 2007 to the specific, highly demanding swimming pool setting.

The care given to selecting materials makes Coverseal swimming pool safety covers truly secure and reliable.

There are so many benefits to a Coverseal pool cover so we have listed just some of them below.


  • Safety: Coverseal covers comply with the most exacting safety standards. The great care in selecting materials as well as the exclusive locking system make your pool safe regardless of its size or shape!
  • Energy saving: Due to the material be puller tight across the pool a layer of air is trapped making these covers fa

  • r better than traditional safety covers at retaining heat.
    • Water Quality: Coverseal reduces photosynthesis as it blocks out the sunlight and, as a consequence, reduces the spread and growth of algae in your pool. This will reduce the chemical used in your pool.
  • Debris: No more leaves in the pool as the cover seals off your swimming pool.
  • No Winter Cover: No need for a separate winter cover.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs:  Time and cost of winter shut down and summer opening reduced due to not fitting a winter cover. Reduced algae growth over winter due to lack of photosynthesis due to blocking out of sun light needed for algae growth.
  • Unobtrusive: The Coverseal has been designed with a specific aim, to make the pool safe without cluttering it’s environment. With a minimal design and countless colour combinations it can either blend the cover into its landscape or make it a decorative object!



They are easy to use and can be fully opened or closed in less than 1 minute.

Coverseal pool covers are suitable for any pool shapes and can be completely installed within a single day.