Block Built Swimming Pool Installation

Block Built Swimming Pool Installation


Using concrete blocks to build your swimming pool is probably the most widely used option when it comes to swimming pool construction. Blockwork swimming pools can be lined with an onsite swimming pool liner giving a great high-end finish

When building your pool out of concrete blocks we can either carry out the full installation of your swimming pool or provide details regarding the groundworks and pool constitution to your builder so they are able to carry out the building and groundworks side of the project leaving us to deal with the installation of all of the pool fitting, pipework, liner, and pool plant room fit-out. This option can work out more cost-effective.


For those wanting one contractor to deal with the whole project, we are able to offer a full turnkey service. 


Considerations of a blockwork build Swimming pool:


  • The swimming pool walls will require rendering 


  • The swimming pool floor will require screeding


  • We strongly recommend adding insulation around the outside of the pool walls (if the pool is indoors this is required to meet building regulations)


  • Any soil dugout in the process will need to be disposed of or used elsewhere on site. It is often used to level an uneven area.


  • A blockwork built pool will last a lifetime



Each pool is unique but a starting price for a blockwork pool 4m x 10m  x1.3m Deep with on-site liner and a heat pump for the summer season would start from  £55,000 + Groundworks and building works. 


If you think this option might be for you or you would like to discuss this further please call 01536 646 007 or email [email protected]

Swimming Pool Installation

Swimming Pool Installation


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