Over the last few years there has been a big increase in demand for basement swimming pools, be this for exercise, a place to unwind, or the perfect way to have fun as a family. If you’d like to bring recreation to your own doorstep, basement swimming pools are a great option!

You can find some great swim jets on the market these days, so an underground pool doesn’t have to be very long even if you want to get some exercise – even a relatively small pool will do the trick.

For basement swimming pools, we offer two solutions:

One-piece Niveko Pool

If the house is yet to be built, we can offer Niveko one-piece pools that come pre-manufactured and fully insulated to meet building requirements. This pool also comes fitted out with all the pipework in place, and any extras you might opt for such as cover, lights, swim jets, massage jets etc.

Once the basement has been dug out these pools are craned into place, and the remainder of the house is then built over the top. These pools start from around £60,000. Read more about this option.

Find out more about Niveko Pools here.

HeatForm Panel System Pool

Should the house already be in place, we offer the HeatForm Panel system, and these pools can be custom-made to any shape, size or depth. The HeatForm Panel system uses insulated preformed panels that are bolted together on-site and then lined in your selected choice of material (click here to learn more about on-site liners).

These pools can be a great option even if you are thinking about a smaller pool with a swim jet for exercise – these pool cans be as small as 2.5m x5m and can accomodate a swim jet. Read more about this option.

Find out more about the HeatFrom Panel system here.