9 Things You Must Do Every Season After Closing Down/Winterising Your Swimming Pool


Although owning an inground swimming pool is a wonderful luxury, it also needs regular upkeep. There are a few actions you must take after deciding to close your private pool for the winter in order to protect its longevity. After winterising the in-ground private swimming pool, there are nine things you need perform each season:



Clean Out Debris

Use a net to remove any leaves, dirt, or other debris from the water and the pool’s floors.


Reduce The Water Level

To prevent skimmers, fittings, and lights from eventually freezing and becoming damaged, remove the drain plug from the main suction line and bring the water level down below those items.


Balance Chemicals

With a digital gadget or chemical test kit, check your pool’s water chemistry levels, including pH and chlorine. If necessary, change these settings for the best results.


Shock Treat The Water

To make sure that there are no impurities left in the water, shock treat it with a potent oxidiser, such as chlorine, which will kill any bacteria while preventing the growth of algae.


Winterise Pump And Filter System

Call a professional if necessary to help thoroughly winterise your pump and filter system; they will be able to cover all of its components as necessary. Winterize Pump & Filter System


Cover Your Pool 

Get a sufficient-sized solar cover that can be wrapped over the whole edge of your pool to keep out undesired debris, vermin, and UV rays while it is closed during the winter.


Disconnect Lines and Timers 

For safety concerns, remove any hoses from heaters, skimmers, and walls. Afterwards, disconnect timers that are connected to these lines.


Stabilise pH Levels 

Increase longevity and maintain balanced performance all year long by stabilising pH levels in your pool using an algaecide stabiliser.


Secure Gates And Doors 

Last but not least, make sure that all entryways to the pool area are locked, including gates and doors leading into enclosed areas where chemicals may have been kept before closing them for the upcoming winter.



After closing/winterising the private inground swim pool, follow these easy measures each season to help prevent damage from extreme weather and increase its longevity.


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