Counter current pools– also known as ‘counter current units’ – are widely recommended as a way to boost the health benefits of a pool. By mimicking the currents in natural water, swimmers achieve a more substantial workout. This is ideal for improving cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, and core strength. However, many people wonder whether currents can work in a smaller pool. Here’s a quick look.

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Why Would I Want A Counter Current Unit In A Smaller Pool?

Strong counter current units can create significant resistance. If the current strength is high enough, this means that swimmers can achieve a proper workout without moving forwards. In a smaller pool, an average lap length may be between five and fifteen strokes. Whilst this is still an excellent way to exercise, it requires frequent turning. With a counter current unit, swimmers can proceed in a straight line. This can turn a small pool into the perfect gym or therapeutic space.


How Does A Counter Current Unit Work?

A counter current unit is like a stronger version of the pool’s filter. It pulls in the water, and uses kinetic forces to propel it back into the pool. This is a very discrete and quiet process that can be turned off or on as required. Most units sit below the waterline, so does not alter the aesthetics of the pool.


Who Benefits From A Counter Current Unit?

Counter current units were originally developed to help elite athletes with their training. However, they now have a much broader audience. Many people use their small pool to help relieve backache and injuries, and a counter current unit is the ideal accessory for this. Children and families can also have good fun playing and relaxing in moving water.


How Much Maintenance Is Required?

Counter current units require minimal maintenance. Their purpose is to move the water rather than filtrate it, so the demands on the mechanism are minimal. Pools are designed to withstand flowing water and its associated forces, so a counter current unit will not cause additional wear and tear.


Can I Retrofit A Counter Current Unit?

Yes. Any pool can be fitted with a counter current unit. The type of unit, its size, and position may be determined by the pre-existing topography and architecture. For instance, the counter current unit is usually located at the opposite end of the pool to the filter, and this may suit some spaces more than others. However, when retrofitting or upgrading, an experienced designer can advise on the ideal strategy.


Interested In An Upgrade?

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