2020 has certainly been a strange year. For many people, working from home has meant having the opportunity to use their pools much more frequently than usual. For others, particularly those with second homes, it has meant pools lying unusually dormant. Either scenario can have knock-on effects for keeping your pool safe over the winter season.

Here’s everything you need to know.

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I’ve Used My Pool Much More Than Usual

If your morning commute has been replaced by a morning swim, it’s likely that your pool will have worked harder than it normally does. This means that the filter, heater, and associated mechanisms may have been under additional stress as they work to keep the water clean and fresh. Equally, the motion of the water may have placed structural stress on elements such as the lining, edges, or – if it is an above-ground pool – the frame.

Damage to any elements, whether electronic or structural, can lead to costly long-term damage. Exhausted pump motors can lead to unclean water and energy inefficiency, whilst structural damage can result in leaks. Any pool that has seen higher-than-normal usage should therefore be given a professional service before the arrival of cold weather puts additional pressure on the system.

I Left My Pool Filled, But Unused

This is a familiar situation for many, especially when lockdown has meant being away from the pool or stuck indoors. The main consequences are algae blooms, which can be stubborn to deal with. Algae can cause widespread damage to the filtration system. Pools that have water with an incorrect pH level greatly increases metallic corrosion. The combination of metallic decay and algae, if left unsupervised, can result in permanent staining to linings and any other plastic-based components.

Any pool that has been left filled but untreated for long periods of time requires a deep cleanse and careful inspection of vulnerable elements, such as filters. Ideally, this should be carried out prior to any winter care schedule, as freezing temperatures can greatly increase the havoc caused problem with an incorrectly looked after pool.

I Left My Pool Empty, And Unused

If lockdown meant that the pool could be neither filled for the summer season nor used, there may be some issues lurking below the cover. This greatly depends upon the type of cover used, as well as the type of pool base. One of the main problems that pool owners face is that the ground supporting sunken pools may have expanded and contracted during the hot summer months. Without the internal water to support the pool structure, this can lead to uneven pressure and, ultimately, structural damage. Additionally, if the cover is not completely tight, dust, debris, and insects may have filled the filtration areas, leading to potential problems further down the line.

Before re-filling the pool, it is advisable to have a professional service carried out. This will prevent nasty surprises when it is next filled and used.

Book A Winter Service With JB Elite Services

At JB Elite, our team of experts are here to help keep home swimming pools running smoothly through the winter. Our Covid-safe pool servicing approach means that you can approach the winter months knowing that your pool is in optimum condition. Get in touch to book a convenient appointment.

home swimming pool maintenance and safety guide

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