Knowing you have done your best to ensure safety makes for better relaxation and enjoyment of your swimming pool. While constant vigilance is always a requirement, establishing basic routines to keep users safe is easier and less time-consuming than you may think.

Avoid wishing you had done something after an accident has happened. It’s easy to build safety awareness and refresh everybody’s memories even on a weekly basis. Repetition can save lives.

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Children are the most at-risk group around the water, closely followed by pets. The following tips are essential to keep in mind for both.

Write Out The List Of Safety Rules

Make several copies and ideally laminate them. Place them where they will be read – near the pool itself is a good idea – and go through them frequently. Don’t assume that anybody is going to remember them without reminders.

Add ‘no running’ to your list of rules. Even the smallest child can understand this rule. Of course, children forget almost immediately when something exciting grabs their attention. You need to reinforce this regularly because poolside areas get wet and slippery. You may add “no pushing” and “no bombing” if you wish and, of course, no peeing in the pool!

Install Fencing

Probably the single most important safety feature you can install is a fence with a lockable gate to keep small children and animals out of the pool area when it is unsupervised.

Always Have A ‘Supervisor’ On Duty

Active supervision is essential. An appointed adult or older child, who is a reasonably strong swimmer, can be the “lifeguard” for all swimming sessions. Ensure that person hands over responsibility if they leave the pool area. It’s not just children who are at risk – adults too can experience difficulties or fall ill while in the water.

Other Things To Watch For Or Do:

  • Know what to do or whom to call in an emergency. Ensure that basic first aid supplies are close to hand and that everyone knows where to find them;
  • Don’t leave toys or swimming aids lying around the poolside area for people to trip over;
  • Ensure children are aware of the deep end – it’s easy to mistake it for the shallow end and walk into it unknowingly;
  • Fit a pool safety cover for use when the pool is unsupervised.

Adults Too!

Alcohol and swimming is an unwise combination. Keep an eye on anybody who is imbibing too much or whom you suspect may not be a strong swimmer.

General Safety Hints That You Should Always Bear In Mind

  • Water quality – keep the water clean and the chemical additives at the recommended levels to minimize health risks;
  • Pool maintenance – immediately repair broken tiles or damaged poolside areas, ladders or fencing;
  • Buddy up – swimming alone is always a risk, so try to ensure that at least two people at a time use the pool.

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