How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean And Safe


A swimming pool can give the whole family hours of entertainment. Yet, it also entails some responsibility because regular care is required to maintain your pool clean and secure. The following advice can help you accomplish that:


Test Chemical Levels 

Keeping your pool clean and clear of bacteria or other toxins requires regular chemical testing. To maintain ideal water chemistry, use a test kit that measures pH, alkalinity, chlorine, and stabiliser levels.


Clean The Filter 

The filtration system in your swimming pool is essential for maintaining crystal-clear, hygienic water. Maintaining the filter’s full effectiveness can assist keep your pool clear by ensuring regular cleaning.


Vacuum Regularly 

Regular vacuuming will assist remove dirt from your pool’s bottom before it has a chance to clog the water or sink farther into the bottom. Using an automatic hoover cleaner can simplify this task even more!


Shock Treat Periodically 

Periodically shock treat the water in the pool to remove pollutants and disinfect the surfaces without raising the chlorine level too high, which can be risky if done too frequently. Shock treatments can be spread out over longer periods of time if pools aren’t commonly utilised during cooler months or off-peak seasons. They should be performed every 4-6 weeks during peak season (summer), when pools are used the most.


Skim Daily 

At the very least, once every day, detritus like leaves, bugs, twigs, and other items should be skimmed off the surface of the pool (or twice a day during peak summer months). By doing this, toxins will be kept out of the air and out of swimming areas where they might come into touch with people.


Proper Storage And Safety Devices 

Devices for secure storage and protection – Always carefully follow package directions while storing chemicals after use to prevent leaks into groundwater systems or any other damage to wildlife. Install security measures like life rings around your pool for further protection, and you can relax knowing that everyone who comes over will be secure when near the water.



You can rely on your swimming pool to stay clean and secure for many years of enjoyment with regular upkeep.


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