What Is The Cost Of Opening And Closing A Swimming Pool?


It’s time to start planning whether to open or close your swimming pool as the warmer months approach. It can be challenging to predict how much this process will cost, so in this article we’ll look at some of the contributing elements and money-saving tips.


What Factors Contribute to Pool Opening/Closing Costs?

The cost of opening or closing a pool will depend on several factors:


The larger your pool, the more costly it will be to open/close as you’ll need more chemicals and equipment.


The location of your pool also plays an important role in pricing as remote pools may require additional transportation costs.

Service Type

Different companies offer different services including testing water chemistry, cleaning filters and inspecting pool equipment. Prices can vary depending on what type of service you require.

How Can You Save Money?

There are a few ways that you can save money when opening or closing a pool:


DIY – Doing simple maintenance tasks on your own can considerably cut costs if you are familiar with how to add chemicals, clean filters, and check water levels.


Browse around – Don’t be scared to compare costs and test out several providers; they might give you a discount if they know they’ll get your business again in the future.


Time It Properly – Take into account opening and closing your pool during off-peak times, such as mid-spring or winter, when costs are typically cheaper due to a decline in demand for services.


If you prepare ahead of time, opening or closing a pool doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking! Make sure you evaluate all the elements that affect cost, including size, location, and service type. You should also think about how much you can save by performing activities yourself and by timing them properly.


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