Building a home swimming pool is becoming more popular in the UK as property owners look for innovative ways to invest their hard-earned money. Whether you crave an effective way to keep fit throughout the year or a calming place to unwind after a stressful day at work, a private home pool is equally great for exercise and relaxation.

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When planning and building a home swimming pool, there are several common challenges to overcome. For the novice, these can be daunting and time-consuming, so it can be extremely advantageous to work with an experience swimming pool installer, such as JB Elite, whose expertise and advanced planning will deliver a seamless and problem-free installation.

So, what swimming pool installation issues can we help you to overcome?

1) Groundwater when building a home swimming pool

If you opt for a below-ground outdoor swimming pool, it’s critical to assess the water level to prevent long-term problems from emerging. The existence of groundwater can result in an upward force or ‘heave’ from the water pressure, so the swimming pool must be designed to ensure that flotation and subsistence are avoided by balancing the forces. A detailed site investigation will anticipate any potential construction problems so that mitigating action can be taken.

2) Geology

The UK’s geology is incredibly varied, with a rich diversity of rock and soil types that affect your choice of pool design and construction technique. Excavating from bedrock is time-consuming, whereas digging into water-bearing gravel or flint-pitted chalk will need meticulous planning to manage water levels. To reduce costs and avoid complex digging, at JB Elite we can also supply and install above-ground swimming pools, which can be cheaper and simpler as no excavation of soil is necessary.

3) Pool Drainage

When installing a home swimming pool, it is vital to consider drainage when the facility is emptied for cleaning. Although it is not necessary to completely empty the pool very often, it is still important to calculate the rate of drainage and ensure that your existing drainage pipes can cope with the discharge of water.

4) Structural Integrity

The structural integrity of a home swimming pool is crucial to its long-term durability and to minimise maintenance and repair costs in future. Surface cracks from shrinkage and structural cracks caused by incorrect installation both require immediate attention, which can render the pool unusable while repairs are completed. For this reason, entrusting your pool installation to an experienced and accredited specialist can eliminate the risk of structural problems from developing, maximising uptime and minimising costs.

5) Plumbing leaks

Leaks around the pool are expensive and time-consuming to fix as the entire area surrounding the leak may need to be excavated (particularly if it occurs under the patio or poolside decking). Preventing leaks through correct plumbing installation and pressure testing is vital; however, as sudden leaks may develop as a result of any movement in the pool, it’s important that the installer ensures the entire structure is secure.

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