Energy efficiency should be one of your top objectives when looking for the best pool pump. There are many advantages of energy efficient pumps when your goal is making long-term financial savings.


Reduced Energy Bills

A pool pump that is energy-efficient can use up to 50% less electricity than its conventional version, which can result in significant monthly energy bill savings. Most people find that if they have had a swimming pool pump for 5-10 years, replacing this with a newer model is normally in their best interest as older pumps tend to cost more to run than newer versions.

However, when thinking about replacing a pump, it is worthwhile looking into variable speed pumps as these will provide drastic savings in a very short amount of time. Variable speed pumps allow you to alter the speed of your swimming pool pump to suit your requirements; such as, running on low speed during the day when your electricity tariff may be higher, and running it on high speed during the night when the tariff may be lower! These can save hundreds up to thousands a year in running costs when used efficiently.

Less Maintenance

An energy-efficient pump will require less maintenance over time since it can better withstand the wear and tear of frequent operation. This means that a newer, or variable speed pump should last far longer than an existing older pump due to advancements in different materials as well as less strain being put onto the motor.

Less Impact On The Environment

An energy-efficient pool pump is advantageous for your budget as well as the environment because it uses less electricity and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Variable speed pumps are the way forward for anyone looking to make their pool eco-friendly; they can cut electricity usage of the pump by more than 50%; now who wouldn’t want that in this day and age, or any day as a matter of fact!


Now that we’ve told you some of the advantages of energy efficient pumps; you will find that making the wise choice of an energy-efficient swimming pool pump will pay off both immediately and later on. You can benefit from your investment now for many years to come!

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