How Do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work?


Regardless of the season, pool heat pumps are an excellent way to keep your swimming pool at the desired temperature. How exactly do these systems function? What goes into a pool heat pump can be shown briefly below:



To produce hot air, the compressor boosts the temperature of the refrigerant.


Condenser Coil

This coil distributes hot air from the compressor into the water of the pool, which absorbs and releases heat from the surrounding environment.


Evaporator Coil

Warmth from the pool water is absorbed by the evaporator coil, which then returns it to the compressor to be reheated and re-distributed into the pool.


Expansion Valve

By controlling the evaporator’s internal pressure, this valve improves the efficiency of heating operations.



To aid in more efficient heat transmission, the fan blows cool air over the condenser coil.


All of these elements are included into heat pumps’ designs to keep swimming pools warm and comfortable throughout the year. These are electricity-based energy-efficient solutions, which means they are far more cost-effective than conventional gas or oil heating systems.


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